Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Data has always known to be the foundation of every digital transformation, and at CRMIT Solutions we have always been committed to delivering true Customer360 business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Using innovative business intelligence and analytics solutions, CRMIT transforms the way our clients work with data. We are genuinely dedicated to providing market-leading solutions delivered by a talented team of business intelligence analytics experts to help our clients realize their full potential. With our business analytics consulting expertise we deliver top-notch results made possible by our combination of skills and products tailored to your needs.

Our Analytics Expertise

Tableau CRM
Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics)

Explore data, get actionable insights, and make smarter data-driven decisions faster with Tableau CRM business intelligence.

Power BI
Power BI

Get interactive visualizations of your data and smart analytics capabilities with a simple interface to make intelligent decisions.


Implement interactive visual analysis and dashboarding product based on in-memory technology across the life-cycle of your data.

Why Business Intelligence and Analytics

Customer Insights

Get a deeper understanding of your target demographics to tailor your marketing campaigns. Because today, customer expectations are evolving faster than the ability of businesses to manage expectations. Business Intelligence and Analytics helps you understand your customers, understand their needs, and manage expectations.

Bias-free conclusions

Deriving unprejudiced conclusions is one of the major advantages of AI over human analysts. Humans subconsciously tend to stick to their preconceived ideas which lead to biased conclusions that can cause a domino effect of organizational disaster. Business Intelligence and analytics tools eliminate bias and prevent businesses from making erroneous decisions.

Better Precision

AI can spot even the minute data patterns that a human analyst might consider trivial. Business Intelligence and Analytics tools can handle volumes of data exponentially more than the ability of humans in much less time. A business intelligence analyst obtains more data results in more patterns for comparison, which eventually increases the accuracy of the business analytics tools insights.

Data-driven decisions

Speculations and hunches don’t work in today’s market landscape. Oversights are getting expensive in terms of both time and money. Business Intelligence and Analytics is critical to make precise data-driven decisions to achieve efficiency.

Shatter the Silos

Business Intelligence and analytics help you achieve data democracy that prevents data silos from creating bottlenecks. Bottlenecks usually trigger a chain reaction of commotion across departments resulting in reduced efficiency and negative bottom lines.

Real-time Monitoring

BI Dashboards enable a 360° visibility into your organization 24/7. Powered by Natural Language Generation (NLG), BI dashboards generate decipherable reports with simple language and interactive visuals. Business analytics services dashboards enable you to get immediate insights about every nook of the organization.

Our Services Include

Analytics Consulting Services
  • Strategy, Road map, Architecture review
  • Health check assessments
  • Cloud strategy for analytics
  • Analytics content development
  • BI & data governance
  • Master data management
  • Build center of excellence (COE)
Implementation Services
  • End to end implementations
  • Security (Object & Data)
  • Report migrations
Analytics Content Specialization
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Supply chain
  • Projects
  • Human resource
  • Procurement & spend
  • Asset management
  • Custom analytics
Managed Services
  • Data flows monitoring and fixing
  • Bug fixes
  • Product increments / Enhancements
  • Resource management dashboard
  • Prebuilt content for Sales / Service analytics with Salesforce
  • User adoption dashboards for Salesforce

Use Cases

For Supply Chain

Storage Optimization

  • Right-sizing warehouse inventory
  • Cross-docking & optimal movement
  • Floor & aisle optimization
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storage optimization
For Manufacturing

Opportunity Win Rate

  • Increase opportunity win rate by changing Sales Rep, Commission Rates, Product
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opportunity win rate
For Professional Services

Resource Utilization Dashboard

  • Employee demo graphics
  • Employee contributions
    & productivity
  • Project insights
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Resource Utilization
For Asset Management

Rental Impact vs Vacancy

  • Identify rental impact
  • Minimize vacancy cost
  • Visually identify the units at risk
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Real Estate Dashboard
For Manufacturing

Case Response

  • Identify longer wait times
  • Case volume average response time
  • Top performers (Case agents)
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case response
For IT & Technology

User Adoption IT Company

  • Usage trend analysis
  • Call volume & duration
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User Adoption

Make the Most of Your Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

Our business intelligence integration experts utilize Tableau and Salesforce Einstein Analytics to help companies/enterprises build robust and interactive Business Intelligence and analytics solutions. CRMIT’s BI analytics consultants possess sufficient expertise to solve almost every type of BI-related challenge.

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