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The client is world’s leading direct savings bank established in 1999 in Australia. From a zero base, these financial service providers now have more than 1.5 million customers with $31 billion in deposits. They planned to have a centralized and secure location to maintain their data and have a full insight into customer and agent behavior, so that they can provide a consistent experience to their local and international customers and remain at the forefront of the Australian financial services market.


  • Ability to provide contextual help to customers; it required to navigate away to find support.
  • Knowledge base portal that allows customers to access help content based on different needs/drivers.
  • The current system can’t scale to support hybrid, native apps, or responsive websites.
  • There is no escalation mechanism that surfaces self-service options for an enquiry, prior to engaging agents.
  • The ability to dynamically serve content on Investment bank website, based on what is driving enquiries for products.


  • Deployed a complete and easy-to-use contact center solution capable of mapping clients customer service requirements
  • Setting up knowledge base for end customer integrated into other services such as chat, email etc.
  • Feedback system was enabled in order to track services provided by agents to customers.
  • Comprehensive reports were developed to check the article usage and views in order to provide better search for end customers.


  • Usage rate on customer portal increased which in turn decreased the enquiries on the incidents for the agents.
  • Consistent and seamless appearance of the Portal across all the devices, i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet for each and every user
  • Agents performance can be tracked now based on services provided to their end customers.
  • Setting up the knowledge base has reduced 40% workload to client.

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