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India’s largest integrated outpatient center offering consultation and day care surgeries in more than 30 specialties with more than 100 doctors, full range of diagnostic and radiology investigations and in-house pharmacy.

Care Hospital’s business processes and marketing campaigns largely depend on clean, consistent and up-to-date data. To avoid returned mails, increase conversions and build brand reputation, they wanted to implement data cleansing services. They also would like to implement an effective campaign management process to track and monitor the campaign results.


  • Scaling engagements and nurturing of prospects to determine their interest and intent.
  • Updated patient records with all the profile details like email id, phone number, address and other relevant fields.
  • Effective tracking and managing of email campaigns to maximize marketing returns.
  • Manage and analyse large set of patient information.
  • Proper data segmentation based on based on patients location and criteria.
  • Automate marketing process and drive revenue opportunities with systematic approach to lead development and management.


  • Enrich and segment the patient data based on address, email id and other profile details.
  • Automate marketing process and engage more prospects though continuous campaign for target segment.
  • Segment doctors’ information and patient database for internal and external campaigns.
  • Share prospect, lead and opportunity with patient engagement team for nurturing it further.
  • Define and design leads scoring and lead nurturing models.
  • Align marketing efforts to goals with closed-loop marketing dashboard and analytics.


  • Maximize marketing ROI by understanding target market and behavior.
  • 360 degree view of patient and doctors to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Marketing automation across all the channels including email, social, website etc.
  • Significant increase business Revenue by improving patient tracking and feedback.

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