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The government agency is responsible for the delivery of services to some of the most disadvantaged individuals, families and communities in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

The agency faced several challenges with handling their clients’ cases across a wide array of services, often acting as the point person for a dozen or more different service providers. They need to set business rule to transfer and manage cases and also achieve a unified view of all the cases.


  • Transfer cases to the service provider according to the business rule.
  • Achieve 360 degree view of cases to the service provider.
  • Adequate approval process before transferring of cases.
  • Apply timeframe to each case shared to the service provider.
  • Proper assessment of the internal/external service provider through the Salesforce system.
  • Identify and evaluate the risk associated with the service provider according to business rules.
  • Generate contract report and save it as an attachment under the Contracts section.


  • Define case assignment rules to transfer the cases to the internal/external service providers and same can be accessed through partner portal.
  • Implement core framework to define the information to be displayed to the service provider. Also limit the view based on the type of service provider(Internal, Case Worker, Carers, Referral, Super Admin etc).
  • Create single level approval process through process builder to enable approval for the cases based on the hierarchy.
  • Develop custom objects with questionnaires for internal and external service provider assessment considering the variability based on the service provider type and contract.
  • Intimate completion of assessment to all the stakeholders after assessment being done by the assessment officer.
  • Develop of evaluation rules based on the questionnaire filled to identify service provider risk.
  • Use Conga tool to create, customize and save contract document in Salesforce as attachments.


  • Central repository of all the cases to use for tracking all customer support interactions.
  • Faster case handling by integrating case information with existing knowledge bases.
  • Enhance business processes with automation case escalation and workflow management.

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