Client offers engineering software and service that support industrial processes with visualization and analytics across all the industry vertical




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Client offers engineering software and service that support industrial processes with visualization and analytics across all the industry vertical. They offer services to over 200,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 100 countries.

Being a multinational corporation with global markets, the toughest challenge was conceptualizing, designing, developing and launching digital campaigns without compromising on brand consistency across diverse markets.


  • Effective tracking and managing of email campaign to drive revenue opportunities with systematic approach of developing and managing leads
  • Manage and analyse large set of customer information for quantifiable and measurable results
  • Manage prospect, lead and opportunity of different time zones to track marketing investments and communications
  • Intuitive and intelligent market segmentation with factors including industry vertical (SIC), geographical relevance, product interests, customer and business priorities
  • Manage internal and external digital campaign including email, web and social channels with digital body language - tracking mechanism


  • Enrich and segment customer data based on geography, industry vertical and product or business interests
  • Schedule digital marketing campaigns in distributed time zones, automate lead nurturing and inside-sales processes
  • Segment internal employee database and external customer information for campaigning and synchronize customer data with sales pipeline information within CRM system
  • Share prospect, lead and opportunity with customer engagement team for nurturing it further
  • Consolidate qualified and unqualified leads from email and social campaigns and web portals for effective closed-loop marketing insights and decision making
  • Analyse and share the campaign report with extended team to improve pipeline visibility and forecast more accurately


  • Maximize marketing ROI with much needed closed-loop reporting to identify effective market segments, digital channels and products and business offerings
  • 3x more customer conversions by engaging both existing and new customer effectively for cross sell and up sell programs
  • Quality sales lead identification by analysing the campaign report
  • Business process automation across all the departments including marketing, sales and service
  • Significant increase in business revenue with effective use of customer data and well thought marketing investments

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