A leading supplier of building materials to home builders, multi-unit commercial builders, building tradesmen, and home renovations in Australia.





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Sales Cloud

The client is a leading supplier of building materials to home builders, multi-unit commercial builders, building tradesmen, and home renovations in Australia. The company prides itself on having one of the largest trade store networks and the necessary infrastructure to support builders of various sizes with a continued focus on people, products and service.


  • Efficiently identify active or potential customers.
  • Consumer awareness on the price/quality trade-off.
  • Consumer adoption on new products.
  • Unified data model to integrate information across departments.
  • Standardized sales processes, pipeline management and forecasting.
  • Tools to collect customer data through various touch points.


  • Sales Cloud integrated with an existing ERP system that enables a 360 degree view of the builders.
  • Integration of Outlook and Sales Cloud Mobile with Sales Cloud makes sure that time spent on system is significantly lowered.
  • Custom built pipeline and forecast analysis provides predictions of future revenue for specific time periods.


  • ERP integration provided a centralized repository of builder master profile, key contacts, their roles, opportunities and recent interaction history.
  • By leveraging the pre-built Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) integration, customer responses were integrated to Sales Cloud for efficient lead qualification and nurturing that resulted in improved conversion rates.
  • Sales process automation optimizes interactions with customers to better articulate on new product introductions & adoption trends.
  • Sales performance management makes sales team on-boarding easier and quicker.
  • Enables sales reps to get access to all the essential sales functionalities & critical information even while being offline and manage multiple tasks within a short time frame.
  • Outlook integration & mobile application reduces the time spent by sales reps in updating the system.
  • Custom built customer pipeline & forecast analytics provides granular understanding of customers’ preferences & allows sales managers to take real-time decisions.
  • Facilitation of customer to adopt transformational SMAC technologies to address industry challenges and gain competitive advantage with minimal IT footprint.

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