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The client is a leading manufacturer of window coverings and architectural products. Their strength is in their ability to develop innovative, high quality, proprietary products that can be found in millions of homes and commercial buildings around the globe. They operate as a highly decentralized, global federation of small and medium-sized companies that manufacture and market similar products.


  • 360-degree view of dealers and their orders.
  • Need for a single platform that enables sales process automation, planning, productivity & performance management along with a platform which would make customer on-boarding easier.
  • Access to data via desktop while offline& ability to synchronize calendar between the Outlook, CRM & sales user devices.
  • Unified data model to integrate information across departments.
  • Tools to collect customer data through various touch points.


  • Integration of Outlook and Sales Cloud Mobile with Sales Cloud to make sure time spent on system is reduced.
  • Enhanced analytics for improved decision-making.
  • Integration of Outlook and Sales Cloud Mobile with Sales Cloud makes sure that time spent on system is significantly lowered.


CRMIT implements Service Cloud to allow the car rental booking firm to scale up to meet the customer demand – improving the customer service experience.

  • Develops a syndication widget and populates with appropriate logic/custom field values for automating service request routing.
  • Creates chat rules to route service request to relevant agent.
  • Create Queues to hold customer requests; and scripted several rules to handle area from which customer requested (for the Customer’s chat request with-in working hours of Organization).


  • Centralized repository for a 360 degree view of their dealers (segmentation with key contacts, their roles, and commercial information like leads, opportunities & interaction history) and their order management.
  • Sales performance management enabled sales team on-boarding easier and quicker.
  • Reduction in manual effort of duplicate data entries, thus resulting in minimal errors.
  • Enabled sales reps to get access to all the essential sales functionalities & critical information even while being offline and manage multiple tasks within a short time frame.
  • Facilitate the customer to adopt transformational SMAC technologies to recognize industry challenges and gain competitive advantage with minimal IT footprint.

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