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Proponents of environmental sustainability, client’s business outreach is spread across multiple geographies. A carbon-neutral designer, manufacturer, and client is also a seller of modular carpets and resilient flooring. Committed to being the world’s first environmentally sustainable and restorative company.


To reduce the high and increasing costs of sales operations; the client offers dynamic product catalogs for multiple sales territories. Among the objectives of converging Sales operations, was also an intention to maintain a dependable selling system for all the departments. Business units across the world, also required that the total maintenance cost be comparatively low for the client.

Building and maintaining a dependable selling system for the entirety of the multi-national corporation called for 'dynamic management'. Dynamic management meant maintaining a hub-and-spoke system with strong common capabilities relevant to all business units and specific capabilities relevant to local markets.

Everyday data collected from the catalogs, territories, sales teams, accounts, contacts, product designs, leads, channel operations, selling processes, pricing, product fitment, contracts, orders, deliveries, installations, and warranties help businesses succeed. Maintenance of this system calls for regular coordination, communication, and decision across all the business units globally. To achieve sustained lower costs of maintenance requires judicious management of insourcing and outsourcing.


A maintenance team consisting of globally-distributed in-house senior analysts facing the regional business units and a globally-distributed outsourced organization of technology analysts, project managers, developers, testers, and service managers.

The client outsourced from CRMIT the staff and management of the globally-distributed technology services, to collaborate with the in-house senior analysts.

Intrinsic to this CRMIT's Salesforce managed service were:

  • Management of a large stack of technical systems
  • Service management across three major time zones around the world
  • A small team made of experienced staff with composite skills
  • Elastic staffing, across client locations, for adhoc demands and demand spikes

CRMIT's Salesforce managed service have enabled the client to avail service management that knows to simplify and continuously improve the client's selling system, and at lower costs.


  • Successful technology SLA with sales and service personnel
  • Increased focus on productive innovation of technology
  • Improved utilization of annual budget
  • Improved productivity of in-house staff
  • Reduction in total maintenance costs
  • Reduction in time to market

Key Success

Maximum verified opportunities' enabled quality control

Improvement in quality of sales forecasts

Expanded to 80% of the enterprise globally, and increasing.

Gained real-time insights across regions & networks

Improvement in quality of sales motion

Product language consistency across 90% of the enterprise globally; and improving.

Supported seamless operations across global time zones

Improvement in quality of channel management

Time to market for new products was reduced by 50%; and reducing.

Customer Success Stories

contract lifecycle management

Salesforce Managed Services reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider