A global entity that is well known for creating advances in animal breeding via naturally applied biotechnology and quantitative genetics.


United Kingdom


Life Science

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The client is a global entity that is well known for creating advances in animal breeding via naturally applied biotechnology and quantitative genetics. The business currently operates in bovine and porcine sector, thus helping farmers to meet the challenge of growing global demand for milk, pork and beef. The client combines the product and scientific excellence, global supply chain, distribution and sales network to provide maximum benefit to their customers.

The client had deployed Oracle CRM On Demand as an organization-wide initiative. As a next step, they were looking for a solution which could help their Field Sales representatives to have a quick view of CRM data, from their mobile handsets. The plan was to make sure their field sales force always had access to latest data, and to allow them carry out their routine tasks such as Account Management, Contact Management, Activity management from their web-enabled handsets.


Oracle CRM On Demand was available as a very efficient means to access centralized customer related data in cloud. However, it was not mobile compliant, especially for lower end mobile phones. In the absence of this, the client’s sales representatives were using only spreadsheets to capture their daily tasks and then manually uploading them into CRMOD whenever feasible. This created a gap in terms of data accuracy, introducing a data visibility problem for the senior management.

In addition, the client didn’t want their sales force lack real-time access as they use the not so updated, not so secured process of storing data in files. Updating them in CRM at a later point created a productivity challenge and user adoption issues. There was an increasing need for the Sales representative to carry out their Account / Contact / Activity management activities in real time, straight from their mobile devices.


It was clear that extending Oracle® CRM On Demand with a mobile solution would be crucial for the success of the CRM implementation. So, the company turned to CRM++ Mobile CRM.

Although CRM++ Mobile CRM application was cloud-ready, the client chose to host the application in their instances in an “On Premise” mode, which was implemented quickly and the screens were customized in such a way that there is minimum learning required for those who are already familiar with Oracle CRM On Demand screens.


  • Ubiquitous access from any phone with internet connectivity
  • Stay in touch while on-the-go with access to customer data anywhere, anytime
  • Business continuity and improved user adoption
  • Improved sales and marketing effectiveness with mobile access solutions
  • Enhanced opportunities for assisted / guided sales
  • Improve Customer Experience


A field sales force of 200 users started using the Mobile CRM system in their devices. Their feedback in terms of new objects, changes in layout was implemented by quick configurations, so that the application benefits everyone in the organization. Users especially liked the power of latest information in their hands and improved productivity, which helped the client reach their planned goals.

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