A major digital media and lifestyle company in the industry of digital





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Salesforce Sales Cloud

The customer is a major digital media and lifestyle company in the industry of digital, TV, radio and e-commerce. The company serves 20M+ individuals in 5M+ households.


  • Growing local competition and aggressive marketing of loyalty programs to acquire new customers
  • The existing complex lead generation and opportunity conversion process.
  • Definite need of an active directory authentication configuration
  • Maintaining and archiving the old customer and data inventory


In order to overcome their business challenges the customer chose Salesforce Sales Cloud, the world’s most comprehensive CRM solution. Triggers & batches were developed as well and were scheduled to update old records for sharing / locking the edit rights.

As a first step, CRMIT carried out a detailed study, analysis and understanding of existing CRM system.

The entire solution was built and implemented on Salesforce platform and Salesforce1 was used for providing mobile access to the agents for capturing all the membership details. Organization security model was implemented to comply with regulatory requirements and access controls based on the role & responsibilities and hierarchies. The Reports and dashboards were built specifically for both operational and executive level.

Finally, a pilot system was set up for implementing Wave Analytics in order to improve the quality and insights on the current reporting system.


  • Potential customers interest were captured and lead generation and nurturing programs were simplified with tasks for respective lead owners
  • Direct Sales channel helped in capturing interest shown by potential customers which includes Corporate & Government personnel as well
  • Retail Sales helped the Sales Manager to manage Lead and conversion to Account/Contact

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