Client offers complete 3D software tools that create, simulate, publish and manage engineering data to foster social innovation




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Client offers complete 3D software tools that create, simulate, publish and manage engineering data to foster social innovation. They bring value to over 200,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 100 countries In order to do effective marketing campaign, it was important to maintain clean and consistent customer data for Oracle Siebel CRM system.


  • Adequate customer information for effective customer reach and leveraging the multiple touch points of customer interactions
  • Up-to-date customer data including job role, address, and other profile details to eliminate invalid contacts, optimize open rates and clickthrough ratios
  • De-duplicate and cleanse prospect lists for effective marketing campaigns
  • Enrich existing prospect lists and build new segments and lists with potential opportunity insights


  • Identify incomplete, duplicate, obsolete customer records and enrich it with appropriate fields and correct the values against a known set of entities
  • Build and enrich customer records from both traditional and new sources of data including social media viz. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. with custom API integration
  • Ensure effective marketing campaigns with cleansing, scrubbing and deduplication of customer data by using tools available
  • Secure and standardize customer data with organization data policy to observe the highest level of privacy and compliance


  • Data consistency and optimization with periodic cleanup of customer data across all the channels
  • 360 degree view of customer to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationship and deliver campaigns across all offline and online channels
  • Efficient customer acquisition with the restriction on inaccurate and duplicate customer records, defining audience and creating Demand
  • Business process automation across all the departments including marketing, sales and service
  • Significant increase business Revenue with effective use of data resources

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