A leading Australian Group, which provides project management support services and on-site workforce for mining, building and construction industries




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The client is sister concern of leading Australian Group, which provides project management support services and on-site workforce for mining, building and construction industries.


  • All customer information (master & transactional) was maintained in spreadsheets/hardcopies resulting in data errors.
  • Required automation of their current sales process.
  • System optimization for effective management of business contacts and their relationships with accounts.
  • System that has various solutions to provide appropriate access to data based on business scenarios.


  • Centralized customer repository for a 360 degree view of customer.
  • Custom built pipeline and forecast analysis that provides predictions of future revenue for specific time periods.


  • The solution provides a centralized repository for customers and contacts master data related and transactional information like Opportunities (Projects) & recent Interaction history.
  • Sales Cloud’s in-built data quality feature facilitated the maintenance of a clean customer and contact information which provides actionable insights to sales teams thus delivering better customer experience.
  • Project type driven opportunity management methodology definition and automation provides customer focused processes, optimized interactions with customers, improved customer relationships and in parallel providing up-to-date pipeline information and consistent forecasts.
  • Providing a robust framework to measure sales performance, identify training and coaching needs of sales teams.
  • Customer, Project, Pipeline, Forecast and Recommendations analytics are custom built to identify the optimal cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities and provide granular understanding of business and allow sales management to take real-time decisions for better sales performance.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud allowed client to adopt transformational SMAC technologies and use them in unison to address industry challenges and gain competitive advantage with minimal IT footprint.

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