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Predictive Marketing

Client offers engineering software and service that support industrial processes with visualization and analytics across all the industry vertical. They offer services to over 200,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 100 countries.


  • Collect and analyze large pool of customer data to reveal the pattern.
  • Identify the most effective keywords for the subject line, call to action and email body to generate more responses from customers.
  • Increase the conversions for different campaign programs viz. whitepaper, webinars, new product offerings etc.
  • Predict the time of a day, the day of a week and target segments based on their likelihood to engage.


  • Explore the customer data to identify the digital body language of customers
  • Apply multivariate and bivariate analysis to find the most influential asset types, products & target segments.
  • Design predictive model with machine learning and AI to recommend subject lines, email bodies and call-to-actions .
  • Fetch ‘word cloud’, graph and stimulation curves to identify the right combination of keywords .


Parameters Previously After Implementation Increment
Open rate 8% 12% 33.0%
Click – through rate 2% 05% 60.0%
Conversions 5% 08% 37.5%

Customer Success Stories

Travel Management Company implements Service Cloud to redefine Passenger Experience

Multinational Bank enables Merchant Banking Support with Service Cloud to manage their customers effectively

Airliner enables WCAG 2.0 AAA Compliance with RightNow Service Cloud Customer Portal Migration

Global University improves Mobile Experience by migrating to RightNow (Service Cloud) Customer Portal

Global Education hub improves Student Data Collection Processes with RightNow Service Cloud implementation

RightNow Service Cloud Contact Center Experience improves first resolution time for Global BPO