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CRMIT associated with one of the leading carpet manufacturing company who have global presence. They are not just the manufacturer of commercial carpet tile but also setting the pace for development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment.

Customer has people on the ground in six continents, with over 40 global showrooms and modular carpet tile manufacturing in Australia, China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK and the U.S. Customer was using the CRM cloud application implemented by CRMIT. The CRM application has standard CRM entities like Account, Contact, Opportunities. Customer want to have their price quote management process also in CRM to have a complete view of end customer’s buying history. The main aim of using the price Quote application is to enhance the existing CRM functionality with autogenerated quotes and approval process in both desktop and mobile application.


  • Manual and paper-based quotes processes was leading to imperfect and inaccurate price quotes.
  • Price Quotes were not created within the CRM Application and that was creating lots of work to get the information from multiple system.
  • Quotes created should be shared with managers for approval wherever applicable. This was causing a delay in sharing to customer.Customer needs the Quotes at the earliest possible to make their buying decision.
  • Customer was looking for an automated process around quote creation, submission to managers for approval and sharing with customer.
  • Want to have common price quote solution that can be used in multiple languages, with multiple price lists and should have a provision to copy, revise, delete and print.
  • Cross regional quoting and global quoting should be permitted.
  • Integration with other systems such as JDE for Order Management was a challenge as quote was generated manually or through some other standalone system.
  • Lots of rework was happening when it comes to price quote creation. Managing duplicate record was a big challenge for customer.


The scope of the work includes design and development of price quote solution and automate the processes connected to it. By gathering all the pain points and challenges, we have implemented a solution that helps to achieve all the business needs, reduce the process time and touch points, system notifications, various Products selection and Pricing, automated approval process, submission to customer, data visibility and security restrictions. Application is easy to manage and flexible to maintain and configure.


  • Helped the account managers and sales reps to generate the Quotes within CRM and associate with CRM entities available.
  • Simple and easy navigation within the Quote application.
  • Ability to create ‘Quick Quotes’ , a provision where a sales rep can create a Quote without an Opportunity.
  • Custom Quote application developed for the customer supports multiple languages, currencies, price lists, multiple level of approval process.
  • Quotes created can be revised and reused. Also Quotes can be copied with price details and without price details.
  • Quotes can be converted to Orders from CRM application and gets integrated with Order Management Systems.
  • There is a provision to capture Quote related items such as products, sales team working in the quote, split %, audit trail and attachments under each Quote record.
  • Stakeholders and Senior Managers were able to get the Quote conversion ratio with reports created based on the Quote data.
  • Product catalogue varies across the regions, the quote application integrated with multiple system gives the benefit of choosing right product specification for the region.
  • Now customer have the ability to manage different pricing and approval structure for different regions.
  • Upcharges and Overages gets calculated automatically and there is an auto calculation for Small Order Fees.
  • Customer have the option to convert an Opportunity record to Quote.

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