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CRMIT associated with one of the leading carpet manufacturing company who have presence world wide. They are not just the manufacturer of commercial carpet tile but also setting the pace for development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment.

Customer has people on the ground in six continents, with over 40 global showrooms and modular carpet tile manufacturing in Australia, China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK and the U.S. Customer was using the CRM cloud application implemented by CRMIT. The CRM application is used by customers includes the non-quote and quote related processes. The main aim of the mobile CRM application being developed is to extend the existing desktop CRM functionality on mobile devices for achieving the goal of doing business on the move.


  • Manual and paper based processes during the customer visit was leading to inefficiency and inaccuracy of data.
  • Unavailability of customer data and their buying history when the account managers and field sales reps are on the move.
  • Inaccessibility of up to date information handy.
  • Faced challenges in the field sales management process as it was complex.
  • Unable to capture, edit all customer information , appointment information, ad hoc quote generation when the sales happens on the field.
  • Looking for simple and easy to use application with minimum clicks.
  • Need always internet connectivity to add information to the existing CRM application. Want to have an offline mode of solution to capture the customer data and work on it.


The Mobility App was developed both in iOS and Android platform. The core CRM desktop application functionality is recreated in Mobility App. Oracle CRM On Demand is the CRM solution used by customer. CRM desktop data and data captured in Mobility App is synchronized frequently. As and when the Sales reps connects to network, the offline data is synced. The lite version of CRM App makes the data entry simple and easy.


  • Helped the account managers and sales reps to capture customer or prospect’s information and meeting outcomes on the fly.
  • Simple and easy navigation within the application. .
  • Makes the sales process and approval process simple and generates quotes automatically.
  • Eliminated duplicate data entry as the information in Mobile App is updated.
  • Quality de-duplicated data for improved prospect management.

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