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The client is an established business owner that helps retail organizations grow their global footprint. They provide leading brands with services to expand their business with workspace solutions like extra spacing, commercial kitchen, parking solutions, etc.

The client operates with a vast ecosystem of 4000+ locations and has built a massive network to help their end customers test new markets, reach new customers, and increase sales.


The client works on a 'Merger & Acquisition' model and needed the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud platforms to facilitate the existing application's work process. They faced difficulty in capturing basic details like customer information, landlord details, etc., in the Salesforce' Sales & Service' cloud platforms.

The properties enrolled under the client were supposed to be aligned via Lead Enrichment and segregated regionally. It required handling data stacks that record the site address, verifying and evaluating them by GEO Scoring to implement these enhancements and configure the lead management process.

Due to the brick-and-mortar flow of the process, executing the task and building a structure became challenging, especially when creating connected communities without any capital or development. These problems were identified during the modification of the existing approval processes. The modification required setting up approval conditions and email notification workflow in the existing Salesforce application.


CRMIT will deploy a strategic solution for both 'Salesforce Sales & Service' Clouds, which will include a universal admin ID creation. As per the existing approval process, all the admin IDs will be converted and modified along with the approval conditions and email notifications. A mapped process flow will cover the progress of storing enterprise leads to account and lead creation in the Salesforce application for the enterprise team. The client will be able to go through the site address validation during the initial conversation with the customer.

The solution will enhance all the approval processes related to the services offered by clients and email notifications by re-engineering the existing application. The right 'Account Executive' will be automatically allocated with tasks and process authority that runs through the platforms based on the geography MSA.

All the users will be able to submit and track the status of the brand assignment requests for the recommended brands in the 'Salesforce Sales & Service Cloud application. A recent end-user implementation involved a virtual kitchen and business process with the UK team for the set-up process of virtual kitchens. The reason is that none of the sites are in Salesforce! Implemented the process in the Salesforce application to support the ‘virtual kitchen’ business process for the UK team.

Considering the economics of running an in-house restaurant with the option to charge less, factoring in round-the-clock operating hours for the kitchen needs to stay open, and staff will be necessary. They will also need to take frequent low-order volumes.


  • Empowering quick deliveries by using a cross-cloud implementation with strong integration between Sales and Service to link the details in Salesforce!
  • Improved cost ratios and implemented the process in the Salesforce application to support the UK team with a new virtual kitchen
  • CRMIT team enabled a happy union between authentic physical connections and fast and digital delivery for end customers
  • An ecosystem of digital products connects the world at its fingertips, creating connected communities without capital or development
  • Post business implementation, clients could then generate quarterly reports on KPIs, milestones, and bonus attainment

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