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The customer is one of Australia's leading Research and Teaching Universities; Established in 1949, the university is a global leader in discovery, innovation, and education. To meet their business needs, the university has planned to enhance their Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal features and modernize it, so that they can foster and streamline the collaboration between the University and its students.


  • Existing Customer Portal Version was not mobile friendly, Customer wanted to extend its desktop site experience to every browser and on every device Lack of support for dynamic forms on the earlier portal.
  • CP Version 2 framework requires extra efforts in developing any new features, to meet new different requirements whereas CP3 has standard behavior with new features.


To overcome all these challenges, the existing Customer Portal was migrated from version 2 to the latest Version 3 and for minimal coding and greater productivity; the standard migration tool was used for CP3 framework. Additionally, CSS and html changes were made in custom widgets for aligning to CP3 framework that has enhanced the portal with new features and capabilities & made customer portal responsive.


  • Easy access and navigation to the key information on customer Portal
  • Consistent and seamless appearance of the Portal across all the devices, i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet for each and every user.
  • Current and future changes in using social media, mobile browser devices and portals can be easily done now.
  • It has enhanced the capabilities by introducing videos, survey and campaign initiatives leverage the student experience.
  • Student usage rate on customer portal increased which in turn decreased the enquiries on the incidents for the agents.

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