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The client is a leading Australian public research university. Founded in 1850, It is one of the country’s leading universities. The university comprises 16 faculties and schools through which it offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. The university is known as one of the Australian sandstone universities which have 32,393 undergraduate & 16,627 graduate students.


The University conducts various projects for schools and colleges which comprises of multiple events. Present process was not capable of handling efficiently the registration process as it demands lots of physical work and monitoring. Client was looking for the online event management registration using Customer portal.


  • Online registration forms were designed via customer portal.
  • Students can easily select project and can nominate themselves according to the slots available.
  • Individual and group registrations can be tracked and managed separately.
  • Separate email boxes were configured to trigger email notification automatically to contact once form is registered.
  • A grid was designed which shows multiple available session in the morning/afternoon with the flexibility to select available time slot from portal


  • Ability for a school/student to register one or more events through customer portal.
  • Ability to automatically create a contact record for new/unmatched school student which has reduced 40% workload for university management.
  • Event Registration process is streamlined and can be managed & planned properly.
  • 40% reduction in turnaround time.

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