A privately owned, leading manufacturer, distributor & service provider of industrial gases in the Middle East for over 60 years.



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The customer is a privately owned, leading manufacturer, distributor & service provider of industrial gases in the Middle East for over 60 years. They have over 20 branches in the Middle East region and have plans to expand in the African market in the next 5 years.


  • Need for a single platform that enables sales process automation, planning, productivity & performance management along with a platform which would make customer on-boarding easier.
  • Access to CRM data through mobile devices while on the field irrespective of the device being connected to the internet (viz. online and offline).
  • Access to data via desktop while offline& ability to synchronize calendar between the Outlook, CRM & sales user devices.
  • Enterprise collaboration tool integrated with CRM.


  • Centralized customer repository for a 360 degree view of customer.
  • Introduction of a standardized sales process that helps in eliminating ambiguity; optimized interactions with customers resulting in increased revenue.
  • Integration of Outlook and Sales Cloud Mobile with Oracle Sales Cloud to make sure time spent on system is reduced.
  • Custom built pipeline and forecast analysis that provides predictions of future revenue for specific time periods.
  • Enhanced analytics for improved decision-making.


  • The solution provided a centralized repository of customer master profile, segmentation along with key contacts, their roles and commercial information like leads, opportunities and recent interaction history.
  • Easy sales team on-boarding.
  • Framework to measure sales performance, identify training needs of their sales teams.
  • Framework to measure sales performance and identify the training needs of sales teams
  • Quicker access by sales reps of essential sales functionality & critical information while offline.
  • Outlook integration & mobile application results in a reduced time spent by sales reps in updating the system.
  • Oracle Social Network (OSN) facilitates contextual, real-time collaboration within the organization among Sales representatives. It leads to smarter decisions with better results in the form of improved efficiency and better customer experience.
  • Custom built customer ,pipeline & forecast analytics provided granular understanding of customer’s preferences & allowed sales management to execute real-time decisions.

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