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The client is the state's student well-being department, which plays a massive role in helping students receive quality education and develop their skills. They are actively supporting 2.5 million students in their academic endeavors and are focusing on maximizing employment opportunities in the community.


As the state education department, the client faced difficulty with various operational tasks such as managing the enrollment process, staff experience, tracking student progress, and regulating state department operations. The growing number of courses, staff, and students made it difficult for the milestone management team to oversee over 12 different Salesforce organizations, servicing other groups across the department.

The challenge was managing organizations maturing at different levels of complexity and robustness in real-time. This led to a rise of silos in the Salesforce organizations within the department, making it challenging to develop a 'unified engagement layer' for the citizens. In addition, the client used a third-party application to access challenges on the client portal, which increased complexity and created hurdles in navigating for the sub-level organizations.


Salesforce Education Cloud will enable the client's users to track and closely monitor the state's financial health, preferred courses for students, staff strength, and overall organizational performance. The client will be able to migrate the existing organizations into a consolidated Salesforce integrated entity to get a better view and manage the organization. Once the platform is integrated, the users can review, upgrade, and standardize existing access configuration and functionalities. This will enhance the client's user experience and extend the platform's usability.

An alert system will be installed into the client's Education Cloud instance to ensure that every allocated case is fixed, as per the requirements, along with confirmation. Furthermore, integrating Education Cloud will allow the client to leverage the knowledge creation section, which will help elaborate cases to the community user with notes. Some changes will be made to the client's configuration settings to enable standard and custom object setup, permission sets & field-level security.

The addition of some handy features to Education Cloud, like claim approvals, KPI-driven milestone achievements, and custom UI buttons, will support the users in their day-to-day tasks. This will help the education department to re-engage with young people and improve their career outcomes with a single source of truth.

The Education Cloud integration will align the users' operations with the platform and allow the organizations to update enrollment updates in real-time and estimate the revenue incurred with every entry. The extensive usage of Education Cloud will benefit the users to document milestone completion, engagements, work wallets, claims redressed, and reports, which will result in a streamlined and optimized workflow. This will help the administrative officers swiftly approve enrollment requests, manage engagement, and track progress KPIs. Integrating Education Cloud into the client's organization will, in turn, lubricate the allocation and tracking of discretionary funds for empowerment training and other tasks with a single source of truth for consistent measurement of the impact.

Team CRMIT stands out when it comes to EDU Cloud enablement services for managing organizations, frequent requirement changes, and leveraging the data from different organizations.


  • Education Cloud bridged the gap between the client's different departments and gave them access to data for a complete digital experience that enhanced team collaboration with a holistic view of the entire organization
  • Integrating the Education Cloud with third-party apps enables the 'Educational software architecture' to deliver adequate data to the right sources and effectively leverage the data to personalize student interactions and student experience
  • The integration allowed the client to rapidly ramp up the admissions and recruitment process and add the recruits to the 2.5 million Education Cloud user base list with automation
  • The client effectively scaled the resources and optimized the cost involved in operations and organization growth
  • Manage synchronization of massive data from different systems – as data mismatch can lead to chaos and be more time-consuming with data discrepancies
  • CRMIT helped the client onboard faster as it is tough to train different teams across cloud computing to understand the education architecture
  • The robust security system of Education Cloud enhanced the database security to prevent data breaches and safeguard sensitive data like student and staff details, mobile numbers, etc

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