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One of the largest insurance provider in Australia delivers world-class insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of NSW. They insure more than 250,000 NSW employers and their 3 million employees. They possess a net asset worth more than $30Billion.

The insurance company wanted to implement a service portal exclusive for the customers and brokers so that the they can interact via online for updating insurance policy, paying timely premium and other services to improve customer relationships.


  • Track, manage and resolve policies and premium for employees and customer.
  • Ability to manage a policy via online by accessing to claims & policy data at one place.
  • Facilitate customers and brokers to pay premium online so that customers can pay premium quickly using net banking, credit card, debit card, bill pay along with various offline mode.
  • Ability to set up own policy by the brokers via online.
  • Leverage the existing CRM framework capability to integrate knowledge based web portal.


Create a self-service portal on the top of CRM platform to help insurance provider realize their project vision. Some of the features are -

  • A simple interface to buy and renew workers insurance policies online
  • Consolidated policy information in one place, ensuring transparency and accuracy
  • A portal through which customers can set up their own policy by the brokers
  • Access policy and billing information through our dedicated Customer Support Centre


  • Empower brokers with unprecedented control over their policies and premium related decisions, service request resolution, solutions and other value added information
  • Significant increase in mutual trust with customers led to better customer advocacy and loyalty
  • Improved business revenue with an easy to use interface to buy and renew the insurance policies
  • Improve organizational effectiveness by enhancing the productivity of customers and brokers

Customer Success Stories

Self Service Portal improves Customer Engagement and service request resolution

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