A Diversified entertainment group and a leader in the Australian wagering, racing media, gaming services and Keno markets




Online Gaming, High Technology

Know this Customer

Service Cloud

The client is a diversified entertainment group and a leader in the Australian wagering, racing media, gaming services and Keno markets. They strive to offer: a first-class entertainment experience for customers, great opportunities for employees and benefits to industry stakeholders.

The client is committed to ensuring their products are enjoyed by their customers, both commercial customers (have no access to the historic data) and premium customers (privileged customers having access to the historic data).


  • Recognize and segment customers based on behavioral patterns and interactions to better serve them through customer support channels
  • Differentiate the commercial customers and premium customers to provide the role based access control
  • Enable meaningful customer experience to maximize customer retention/conversion rates and encourage repeat visits to online gaming sites
  • Extend service requests to the membership approving group apart from the contact agents
  • Redundancy in tracking and managing the service requests across multiple channels

Solution And Implementation Process

  • Develop widgets to create different registration pages for commercial and premium customers using standard out-of-the-box framework
  • Manage and create “Service Request Queue Engine” to prioritize and escalate service request resolutions
  • Configure customer membership approval process and custom logs to audit approvals and rejections
  • Develop an “Intermediate Portal” to extend service requests to the membership approving group for viewing as well as updating


  • Tiered customer-service
    • Supported business initiative from free-to-play social games to premium games
    • Ensuring that the highest-spending customers receive the fastest responses from contact-center staff, enabling retention of high-value customers
  • Reducing the number of customers who subsequently telephone or email with queries by
    • Improved first-call resolution (FCR) rates
    • Enabling customers with self-service accessibility to resolve gaming and technical issues
    • Automating responses to customer queries about online gaming sites, driving customers to targeted frequently-asked questions with dynamic content
  • Improve customer service delivered through omni-channel support-email, web to ultimately decrease inbound gaming and technical incident inquiries
  • Loyalty programs for vendors, high value customers and other betting partners to leverage various privileges
  • Automated reports-such as customer experience and incident rate reports - to offer insight into operations and drive more informed business decisions

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