One of the world’s largest and most prestigious graduate business schools with campuses in Europe




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One of the world’s largest and most prestigious graduate business schools with campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and more than 140 renowned faculty members from over 30 countries inspire more than 1000 students annually in graduate, postgraduate and executive program.


  • Adequate prospecting and profiling insights for effective student reach and leveraging the multiple touch points in both digital and traditional student communities
  • Prospective student data with active email id, address, and other profile details to eliminate invalid contacts, optimize open rates and clickthrough ratios
  • Discover addresses in emailing list that are invalid, inaccurate, and undeliverable for effective marketing campaign
  • Digitally discover and validate prospective students across multiple channels with meaningful insights to understand the students’ academic, personal and professional interests


Periodic Student Data Cleansing:

  • Identify and extract student information data that demands deduplication and cleansing
  • Eliminate duplicate and redundant student records for optimal and accurate asset base
  • Integrate and tag all the student records after processing
  • Develop custom UI to analyse, compare and merge student data with necessary fields

Student Data Enrichment:

  • Explore and enrich student records using social media APIs with logical close match algorithms for data accuracy
  • Update and enrich student records including course, program, email id, address and other the necessary details


  • Data consistency and integrity with the periodic cleanup of candidate data
  • +34% student interaction and acquisition with 360 degree student view
  • Cost reduction by providing a single source of clean, integrated prospect data
  • Increased campaign effectiveness by delivering the right message to the right prospect
  • Accurate and personalized analysis prospects data to create customized messaging that helps to connect and engage more with prospects

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Global technology leader maximizes marketing ROI with customer data cleansing and enrichment

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