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The London School of Business and Management (LSBM) is a business school specialized in business and management. LSBM offers accredited higher education programme in Business and Information Technology (IT). LSBM also offers a range of support, information and advice services to enable students to gain optimal value and enjoyment from their time spent at LSBM.


As a growing organization, LSBM sought new ways to handle business challenges that arose. Student Experience and student management needed to be handled in a more efficient manner. They were unable to track and manage prospects. The introduction of new courses across different campus locations brought in a steady rise in the student population. They realized the process of manually handling new registrations as well regular administration task for the enrolled students were becoming cumbersome. A student management system to automatically record and track activity and events was the need of the hour. Under the existing system, students would have to be physically present at stipulated time slots to make a request or seek information regarding courses or enrollment or their academic performance. With most of the operations still being done on paper, they needed a system which would automate most of their process and still remain unified across all departments.


In order to overcome their business challenges LSBM chose Oracle® CRM On Demand, the world’s most comprehensive CRM On Demand solution. With Oracle CRM On Demand, as the backbone in student prospecting and enrollment (by LSBM Staff & their Partners), provided a single and 360 degree view of all Student data including externally captured data such as Attendance and enabled them to meet all statutory norms. Custom extension solution deployed to automate staff functions like Installment Invoices for Student and Payment Milestone generation for Agents & Staff Commissions, saving time and improving accuracy.

LSBM opted to deploy CRM++ Self Service Portal to leverage the extensibility of Oracle® CRM On Demand framework to provide the most complete solution for delivering world-class student service The benefits of CRM++ Self Service Portal work for both - Students and the administrators.

In order to efficiently automate the students services, CRM++ Self Service Portal provided a comprehensive platform to empower the students with information regarding their enrollment and course curriculum at any point time. Via a customized knowledge repository for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), students were now able to address their own queries thereby drastically reducing effort which in turn eventually resulted in quicker response time. The burden of manually addressing repetitive queries/tasks gradually faded away as the system had features that automated request handling, for request such as certificate issuing. The integrated solution with Oracle® CRM On Demand enables to students to raise requests for assistance or information which easily tracked and responded to from within the CRM itself.

The portal included interfaces where staff could publish data to allow students to update their contact information, to view Grades scored , to view Notifications / Reminders sent to them and enable students to enroll themselves for upcoming semesters which brought in transparency of student data held.

Oracle® CRM On Demand offers the broadest and deepest capabilities that help organizations drive sales, marketing, loyalty, and service effectiveness. The entire solution was deployed using Oracle® CRM On Demand Web services and with additional components developed in Java / J2EE Technology ensured flexibility.


  • System for Student Management with visibility controls, thereby improving data integrity
  • Provided a system which centralized all business activities
  • Empower administration staff with analytics to accomplish their tasks better
  • Empowered end students with unprecedented control over their service request resolution and other value added information
  • Significant decrease in routine support activities
  • Improved organizational effectiveness and achieved lower operational costs

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