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Salesforce Sales Cloud

The cruise vacation consulting company has established as an effective personal cruise consulting process that ensures the right cruise for the customer needs. The company operated with more than 20 cruise lines covering holiday destinations across all the continents.

The cruise consulting company wanted to implement unified communications and IP telephony protocols to boost their agents’ productivity and streamline the workflow. At the same the wanted with achieve lead consistency by removing duplicate records.


  • Integrate with Avaya telephony system to identify, record and analyze all the call recordings.
  • Adequate lead assignment rules to assign leads to respective agents.
  • Duplicate lead records in the system costing more budgets and render a single customer view unfeasible.
  • Provision for the agents to accept the lead assigned to them.
  • Implement Outbound dialer through Salesforce for the agents to make calls.
  • Analytics to visualize the time difference between Lead acceptances by agent to time of call.


  • Integrate Salesforce system with Avaya Telephony through standard plugin available in Salesforce.
  • Configure queue to assign Leads to active Agents through round robin method.
  • De-duplicate the leads based on the contact number or email id before assigning to queues.
  • Create popup notification for agents through apex programming to accept leads assigned to them .
  • Create dialer with integration to Avaya telephony system to enable agents directly dial and connect to Lead.
  • Implement Salesforce analytics to generate report on time duration between lead acceptance to time of call.


  • Shorter lead response time with Salesforce dialer which enables click to call and eliminates manual dialing.
  • Increased engagements by reaching more prospects and closing more deals at the same time.
  • Lead data consistency and optimization with periodic de-duplication of customer data.
  • Comprehensive Salesforce Sales cloud platform with unified screen-based telephony.
  • Unified visualization of customer data for better insights.

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