UK’s leading music copyright company and have more than ninety thousand members, who are songwriters, composers and music publishers.


United Kingdom


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The client is a UK’s leading music copyright company and have more than ninety thousand members, who are songwriters, composers and music publishers. The members license their rights through the client rather than doing it individually, making it easier and more efficient for those who want to use music to do so legally by obtaining a license. With the growing members, the company needed to increase its competitiveness, harmonize its sales structure, enable the decision making and strengthen its relations with future and existing members.


The music copyright company is committed to improve the confidence and loyalty of customers. The client license allows the organization to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of members. The client strives to create passionate brand advocates who love to copyright their music and freely tell others about their experience. This challenge included the deployment and adoption of a robust and versatile Cloud CRM solution.

One of the major challenges was to integrate the service request and responses to the members and customer’s contact details within the CRM and improve the service provided to members.


In order to efficiently address the customer service requests, CRM Email Integration was chosen as a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members, without having to remember to copy or forward.

CRM Email Integration leverages the extensibility of Oracle® CRM On Demand to provide a complete solution for delivering world-class customer service. This helped the team to link the prospect and customer emails with the CRM data for a 360° view of the customer interaction.

The integration eliminated the need to switch between the CRM and the existing email platform and maintain independent systems.


  • Seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication
  • Organize all customer information and emails within your contact information
  • Avoid switching between email and CRM modules to improve service requests resolution time
  • Link prospect and customers emails with your CRM data to have better information about interactions with customers

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