An acclaimed airline operator of Asia





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The customer is an acclaimed airline operator of Asia, successful in revolutionizing travel industry with more people around the region choosing them as their preferred choice of air transport because of their huge range of innovative and personalized services. They are also simultaneously maintaining the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost while enhancing service levels.


  • Connecting inter-departmental employees to offer customers the very best personalized services
  • 360° view of customer with unified communication channels to personalize passenger experience
  • Cross channel customer to multi-department process resolutions


The customer deployed two Salesforce CRM solutions namely Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. On top of these, chatter, social were also deployed that eventually helped in involving the right employees to answer the customer questions or to respond and solve the customer requests quickly, especially when those issues involved multiple departments.

The Service Cloud was utilized for raising tickets on support issues and also assigning appropriate executive to act on it whereas the Sales Cloud helped in tracking all the Sales report while critically monitoring the opportunity pipeline as well.

The next step was to integrate e-mail with their existing social channels and also with the website. Email integration paved the way for creating a more connected environment.

The Salesforce instance was also customized for providing the best possible service every time including the service requests, chats, leads and thus providing greater insights to the customer touchpoints.


  • Unified passenger experience by integrating email communications with web and social channels
  • Employees can share important information among themselves easily that includes campaign news and documents
  • Airline officers can now access business and customer service insights to personalize passenger experience

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