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Our 4 Step approach to a Seamless Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

Discovery phase to understand the following on the existing Salesforce implementation:
  • Existing Processes, Roles & usage by role.
  • Existing Customizations.
  • Existing use of 3rd party Apps.
  • Identify features supported within Lightning and what works only in Classic & workarounds needed.
  • Impact on existing customizations and re-work needed for them to be lightning compatible.
  • Impact on 3rd party apps used.
  • Lightning Advantages.
  • Agree on workarounds or re-work needed on areas of impact.
  • Proposal to leverage Lightning to further improve on existing processes, usability, integration etc. beyond an “as-is” migration.
  • Present and agree on Roll-out Scope & Strategy.
  • Need for pilot with pilot roles.
  • Revised roll-out effort/timelines.
  • Train Users on the Lightning Experience.
  • Execute a Pilot Rollout.
  • Provide support on Customer UAT cycles.
  • Apply learnings and complete the Roll-out to the entire user community or as agreed.
  • Warranty Support helping with additional training and user adoption.

We have Salesforce Lightning migration experts who can guide you through this whole journey.

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So, what are you confused with???

Make the move to Lightning Experience

Our Salesforce Lightning Consultants can customize your platform based on your unique business needs.

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Visualize your Salesforce with an
Enticing Lightning Interface

Opportunity Kanban

The Opportunity Kanban is a visual board to depict various stages of an opportunity process using dynamic cards to represent all the opportunities in an organization. Each column represents a particular stage in the opportunity process. This allows the managers to effectively manage the pipeline as well. This Kanban board is configurable and can be modified as per an organization’s requirement.

Opportunity Kanban
List View

List View

The list views from Salesforce Classic are readily available in Lightning Experience. The new interface allows the users to consume the available data on the go to create a donut or a bar chart.

Sales Path

Sales Path can be utilized across various objects of Salesforce with the Lightning Experience is guiding tool to help the Reps through various stages of the Sales process. This also can be customized to help the users to focus on the Key Details/Tasks for each stage to complete a Sale effectively.

Sales Path

Why move to Lightning Experience

For Business Users

  • Improved home page with Performance Charts, Assistant and Account Insights
  • Optimized record layouts that focus on what you can do instead of what you can view
  • Opportunity Board to visually review deals and act
  • Improved search

For Data Analysts

  • Beautiful dashboards in a flexible layout with spanning columns that let you add more components in a row
  • Sleek report views that you can filter quickly, to slice and see the data that's most important to you
  • Interactive Filters while viewing a report
  • Enhanced Report Charts

For Administrators

  • Customizable Navigation Menus
  • Run your application on multiple devices seamlessly
  • Easy migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience
  • Lightning Enabled Apps from Salesforce AppExchange

For Developers

  • Lightning App Builder for customized page layouts
  • Lightning Design System, build pixel perfect apps
  • Rich Component Ecosystem, Out-of-the-box set of components to kick start building apps
  • Faster Development

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  • Will my existing layouts/data visibility rules be retained when I migrate?

    Yes. All your existing layouts and data visibility rules will be retained even after you move to lightning experience. It’s just the look and feel of the application would change.

  • What happens to my old Visualforce pages? Do they stop working?

    Lightning Experience brings an all new user interface to your Salesforce organization. Visualforce pages work in Lightning Experience without any revisions. Visualforce pages work the way you expect as your users switch between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. However, depending on the features used in your existing page, you may have to test it and modify it, if necessary.

  • When is the last date to migrate to lightning?

    Salesforce hasn’t enforced any last date to complete the migration.

  • Is lightning experience available for Service Cloud?

    Yes, Lightning experience is available for Service Cloud.

  • Does My Organization Qualify for Lightning Experience?

    Please find the supported editions and user licenses to see if your organization qualifies:

    Table 1. Salesforce Editions
    Supported Editions Unsupported Editions
    Group Edition
    Professional Edition Personal Edition
    Enterprise Edition Contact Manager Edition
    Performance Edition Database.com Edition
    Unlimited Edition Chatter.com Edition
    Developer Edition
    Table 2. Salesforce User Licenses
    Supported Licenses Unsupported Licenses
    Salesforce Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, Partner Community
    All Salesforce Platform and Force.com (excluding Force.com Free) All Portal licenses
    Identity User Force.com Free
    Company (Employee) Community Data.com
    Content Only
    Ideas Only
    Knowledge Only
    Site.com Only
  • What does it take to Go Live with Lightning?

    Rolling out a project is a lot like putting on a great show. You have to plan, market, communicate and execute.

    If you are the Salesforce admin, you’re the Director of the show. For the show we’re organizing a “Lightning Experience Rollout”, you’ll plan your rollout, find an executive sponsor, develop and execute a communication strategy, and put on the show. You can decide whether to run a pilot for a set of users or go big and enable it across all the users at once.

    lighning experience

    Depending on the size of your organization, you might have a Project Manager assigned to the rollout, or you may be working with a Change Management department at your company. Or you could be organizing and executing the rollout from start to finish.

  • How does Lightning Experience affect AppExchange apps?

    As partners we have been testing our apps in the Lightning Experience and making changes to match func-tionality as per the look & feel. When done, these apps will be marked as Lightning Ready on the App Ex-change. Please check the Salesforce App Exchange to confirm if you’re downloaded apps are Lightning ready.

  • How much does Lightning Experience cost?

    The Lightning Experience will be available to existing customers and net new prospects at no additional cost.

  • Does Lightning Experience have to be rolled out to the entire organization?

    No. Admins first enable Lightning Experience for the entire org, but, this won’t make it visible to every user. They can decide to roll it out to only certain users by using appropriate permissions.

  • What are the supported browsers for Lightning Experience?

    Lightning Experience is supported with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and the most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™. If you’re using any other unsupported browser, you will be redirected to Salesforce Classic.

    You can’t access Lightning Experience in a mobile browser. Instead, we recommend using the Salesforce1 app, when you’re working on a mobile device.

  • What is the experience switching between the Salesforce Classic UI and the Lightning Experience UI?

    Users for whom Lightning Experience is enabled will be able to use the Switcher feature, located in the upper-right side of all pages, to toggle between the user experiences to access pages as necessary. The attributes (like field order and field-level security) will be the same in the two UIs.

    If a Lightning Experience user sends a link (Chatter post or email) to a Salesforce Classic-only user, the page will not be found. Salesforce Classic links are interpreted for routing to the Lightning Experience UI, but not the other way around.

  • What are the Mobile Platform Requirements for Lightning Experience?

    Salesforce1 is available for most Salesforce editions and user license types. The app is supported on a variety of mobile platforms, with some minimum operating system and mobile browser requirements.

    Salesforce performs automated and manual testing of the Salesforce1 downloadable and mobile browser apps on a select set of mobile devices. Customers aren’t blocked from using Salesforce1 on untested devices as long as they meet current platform requirements. The list of Salesforce1-tested devices is subject to change, with or without advance notice.